On the effect of Levitra

If you are destined to have, so a drug Levitra use, you need to know that the active ingredients of this medicinal product for a long time in the blood of the people remain. Therefore, you do not have to take as a pill per day (20 mg). In principle, there are also other dosages: 5 mg, 10 mg, and 40 mg. Only with time you will understand, what is the dose for you personally really fits. It is worth to say that many men are lowering the dose of the active ingredient after the first dose. If the drug is not as effective as you would like, professionals, Doctors, and patients who have already had experience with this drug is recommended to increase the dose. But you have to be careful: the danger of Overdose is not possible! In the case of the 500-mg dose at once serious side effects were observed. The patients had increased blood pressure, angina, they experienced sweating, eye pain, back pain and other side effects even sudden cardiac death. The maximum recommended dose of the drug should not exceed 40 mg per day. Hold on to these recommendations and regulations in order to avoid possible negative impacts in the future. You may also take not more than a 40 to 100 mg dose per day has the same effect and can cause negative side effects.
However, the drug can not act alone. Natural arousal and feelings of pleasure are one of the most important requirements of your effect. The enlargement of the arteries requires nitrogen oxide, which is only secreted in the case of natural sexual excitation. The excretion of nitrogen oxide is controlled by the brain or the spinal cord. This medicine may prolong the effect duration of the processes in the body, and the intensity and duration of a sexual act by natural Stimulation of positive affect.

During sexual arousal experienced from stretching the arteries of the Penis, more blood, the Penis becomes erect. The active ingredient Levitra generic stimulates the blood flow in the Penis. The special active ingredient that belongs to ingredients of this medicine, helps the arteries to expand even more, which allows for more intense blood flow. Thanks to the effect of Vardenafil, the medicine helps to extend that strength more. Drug can never act alone. The natural feeling of pleasure belongs to the most important conditions of action. The excretion of nitrogen oxide is controlled by the spinal cord or the brain. This medicine has the active ingredient Vardenafil, has the possibility, the duration of the effects from the process in the body to extend.

It is worth to say that this drug can have on reproductive function. The experts have made various studies, and it is only a very low content of Vardenafil was found in the seeds. By the way, the fear that the Drug could be harmful to the reproductive System, is absolutely unfounded. The drug can even help. The many results proved that there are no harmful hazards. If you have decided to buy this means, then you can buy it in all Online stores. Of course it is expensive, but the price is fair, if you take into account how much money was spent for drug development and for the patent registration. The results will only be positive. And you will always remain in the centre of the attention of women.



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